Cryptid Playing Cards

Current Project In-Development

Code Name: der Wald

Card Game & Playing Card Set

Prototype finished and currently tested.
Currently working on preparing its crowdfunding campaign.

Upcoming Campaign

The campaign will include both Kickstarter and GameFound. I intend to include IndieGoGo, but I have not worked with them before.

This project is exploring German cryptids, folklore, and the supernatural. Most of these are within the political borders of Germany, but not entirely limited to it. Germanic heritage extend beyond today's borders into surrounding political states, as the Kingdom of Germany was significantly larger than the German state we know today.

Artistic style will be that of medieval art and manuscripts.

Green Considerations

I will continue to utilize green alternatives as much as reasonably available. This includes both the product itself, as well as packaging. There were a few components of the packaging for Cryptids of North America playing cards that were not biodegradable. I intend for all packaging components of this project to be biodegradable.