Cryptid Playing Cards

Cryptids of North America : Masks

The masks are the most limited component of this set. Eight masks were created for this kickstarter.

Inner fabric layer is 100% extra long staple sateen weave cotton with a 600 thread count. Outer fabric layer (with printed design) is 100% smooth weave cotton with a 268 thread count. Thread count between inner and outer layers is intentionally mismatched. This is based on research that shows differing thread counts help reduce probability of viral contagions getting through the mask.

If ironing, iron reverse side. Do not iron the side with printed design. Hand wash with phosphate-free detergent.

Masks were handmade in Texas.

Green Considerations

Fabric for the masks was custom printed after backers placed orders, extra fabric was not manufactured- reducing total waste.

Custom fabric for the outer layer was printed in the USA with safe water-based inks. Manufacturer uses methods that conserve water and materials, as well as uses safe products that pass tests to ensure chemicals including lead and formaldehyde are not present.

Fabric manufacturer for inner layer has also passed a variety of green and safety credentials. These include Worker Condition Assessment, LEED v4 Gold for a green facility, OEKO-TEX for sustainable and responsible manufacturing, and OEKO-TEX standards for safety regarding more checking for more than 300+ harmful chemicals.

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