Cryptid Playing Cards

Cryptids of North America

Cryptids of North America features 4 cryptids from different regions as the suits, and 2 more as the Jokers.

Bonus postcards and stickers were also created. Each backer received a set of cards, a set of postcards, and a set of stickers. While supplies lasted, backs also received a card from the original prototype, and a card from the color proof.

An extremely limited number of masks featuring the set logo were also produced. Eight original limited sketches also available with the set- these feature original illustrations for the pip and ace designs of each suit.

Green Considerations

Majority of components of this project utilize greener alternatives. Every component was also ordered domestically. Nearly all packaging material is from recycled material and/or is compostable.

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Originally available as a Kickstarter, with late pledges available on GameFound. Purchases currently available again on GameFound. These products will not be reprinted. Once they're sold out, then they're sold out.

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