Cryptid Playing Cards

Cryptids of North America : Stickers

8 different stickers were designed to match the Cryptids of North America Playing Cards. All design and production done in the US.

The stickers feature the 4 cryptids featured as the deck's suits; the Batsquatch, Chupacabra, Flitterbick, & Mothman. There are two stickers for each cryptid, one of the pip design, and the other a previously unreleased illustration.

There are 2 variants, one darker and one lighter. Backers recieved a full set of the lighter variant, as well as the darker variant Flitterbick sticker with the decks they ordered. Some of the darker variant stickers were used in packaging. There are 100 of each sticker per variant. Just like the card decks, these will also not be reprinted.

Green Considerations

Vinyl stickers are not a green product- I will find an alternative for future sets.

Packaging for the stickers includes compostable cardboard, kraftpaper, and cellulose tape.

The custom envelopes are neither compostable nor from recycled materials.

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Originally available as a Kickstarter, with late pledges available on GameFound. Purchases currently available again on GameFound.

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