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The Flitterbick

There is not a lot of information on the Flitterbick. It is a supposed fearsome species that dates back to early American history.

In the northern and north-eastern forests of the mid-west, this creature was a bit of a boogie monster for lumberjacks. They were believed to live deep in the forest, and were something akin to flying squirrels. There are no exact descriptions, as they fly at high speeds- becoming a blur to the eye.

A run-in with a Flitterbick was said to be almost always fatal to both the Flitterbick and the lumberjack. Due to the speed of their flight, and their lack of fear- a collision was likely and would result in a mess of fur, blood, gore, and death.

There are no recent reportings of Flitterbick, and the creature is mostly unknown to the general public now.

However, there are a few vague descriptions of Flitterbick in lumberjack stories. They were not afraid of lumberjack camps. Not only were the collisions fatal to lumberjacks, but could kill larger animals too. One specific description states a Flitterbick struck an oxen between the eyes, killing the oxen (and probably the Flitterbick as well).

Cryptid Playing Cards

This cryptid is included in my Cryptids of North America Playing Cards. This is a limited run set of Playing Cards and my first crowd sourced project.

Future projects will follow, both around playing cards and around strange and unusual creatures. All design and production done in the US; designed by me in Texas, and printed in Florida.

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