Cryptid Playing Cards

Cryptids of North America : Be Green

Green Considerations

Majority of components of this project utilize greener alternatives. Every component was also ordered domestically and shipped using ground transport- reducing shipping distance and thus the environmental impact. Nearly all packaging material is from recycled material and/or is compostable.

Shipping boxes, kraft packaging paper, cardboard, bubble wrap, bubble mailers/padded envelopes, and tape for this project are all compostable. Packaging tape is made from recycled materials, but the ink is not biodegradable. I will find an alternative for future sets.

Tuckboxes are made from recycled material. Card manufacturer is in Florida. They have a good track record for their card quality, follow more rigorous material safety standards, and are more environmentally friendly than competitors. Sticker seals for the card decks are not compostable. I will find alternatives for the sticker seals on future sets.

Postcards printed here in the US, also on recycled material. Stickers printed in the US, but on vinyl. Vinyl stickers are not a green product- I will find an alternative for future sets. Fabrics for masks are also from environmentally responsible manufacturers. Masks assembled locally by hand by an indepedent crafter, here in Texas.

Envelopes (when delivering only stickers and/or postcards) and the wax seal (when ordering decks) are neither compostable nor from recycled materials. I will find alternatives for future sets.

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