Cryptid Playing Cards

Cryptids of North America

Cryptids of North America is a limited set of playing cards featuring a handful of cryptids from around North America. Additional products were included in addition to the playing cards.

This is intended to be the first in a series of playing card sets. This initial set was created through funds procured through Kickstarter. Subsequent sets will be funded in a similar fashion.

Delays on future projects due to family issues caused by the political and social upheavals surrounding Covid. Future projects delayed, but not forgotten.

Green Considerations

Majority of components of this project utilize greener alternatives. Every component was also ordered domestically. Nearly all packaging material is from recycled material and/or is compostable.

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Originally available as a Kickstarter, with late pledges available on GameFound. Purchases currently available again on GameFound. These products will not be reprinted. Once they're sold out, then they're sold out.

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